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World Of Final Fantasy Data Modding

Platform: PS4

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All modded services we provide are legal, won't be banned.
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This is a save data modding service, only for World Of Final Fantasy PS4, it will not affect your in-game progress or trophies, 100% safe guaranteed.

We will need your World Of Final Fantasy PS4 save data for this service, please click "Q&A" to check the instructions.

You will all the following:
Save 01
Max Gil
Max Champion Stars
Unlock All Mirajewels Slots
Have Best Mirajewels
Have Mirage Manual Completed
Have All Champions
Have All Champions AND Sephiroth
Have Items
Poison Fang
Dream Powder
Loco Weed
Flash Bomb
War Gong
Lethean Chime
Mega Potion
Turbo Ether
Phoenix Down
Phoenix Pinion
Mega Phoenix
Eye Drops
Rememb Herbs
Smelling Salt
Gold Hourglass
Gysahl Greens
Bomb Fragment
Bomb Core
Fire Spellstone
Electro Marble
Lightning Marble
Lightning Spellstone
Solid Figicite
Ice Spellstone
Fish Scale
Dragon Scale
Water Spellstone
Chimeric Wing
Dragon Wing
Wind Spellstone
Gaia Drum
Earth Hammer
Earth Spellstone
Protect Stone
Shell Stone
Haste Stone
Healing Spring
Star Curtain
Spider Silk
Holy Torch
Debug Items
Fire Empty Ability
Cure Empty Ability
HP +10% Empty Ability
Str +10% Empty Ability
All Death
All Recover HP
All Recover AP
All Recover HP/AP
Strength Up
Strength Down
Defence Up
Defence Down
Magic Up
Magic Down
Magic Defense Up
Magic Defense Down
Accuracy Up
Accuracy Down
Evasion Up
Evasion Down
Inflict All Ailments
Critical Hit
Break Stack
Yurugu Prism
Fritt Prism
Weeglee Prism
Bablizz Prism
Brrblizz Prism
Zapt Prism
Joult Prism
Goblin Prism
Red Cap Prism
Chocochick Prism
Black Chocochick Prism
White Chocobo Prism
White Nakk Prism
Black Nakk Prism
Babyhemoth Prism
Kuza Kit Prism
Dark Bahemoth Prism
Quacho Prism
Quachacho Prism
Moogle Prism
Glow Moogle Prism
Sharqual Prism
Nightsqual Prism
Red Bonnetberry Prism
Baby Tonberry Prism
Baby Paleberry Prism
Deathskull Prism
Mordskull Prism
Metaliskull Prism
Copper Gnome Prism
Lead Gnome Prism
Mu Prism
Reaver Mu Prism
Sea Snake Prism
Sea Serpent Prism
Minimantoise Prism
Flammantoise Prism
Brothetaur Prism
Sistertaur Prism
Water Toad Prism
Wind Toad Prism
Werebat Prism
Ice Bat Prism
Magic Pot Prism
Magic Jar Prism
Kobolt Mimic Prism
Sand Worm Prism
Sea Worm Prism
Right Claw Prism
Left Claw Prism
Bombino Prism
Mini Flan Prism
Kaguya Flan Prism
Mandragora Prism
Korrigan Prism
Manticore Prism
Sandicore Prism
Unicorn Prism
Nightmare Prism
Cockatrice Prism
Cocadrille Prism
Phoenix Prism
Iris Prism
Floating Eye Prism
Blood Eye Prism
Dualizard Prism
Bihydra Prism
Sylph Prism
Imp Prism
Garchimacera Prism
Mindflayer Prism
Squidraken Prism
Sky Dragon Prism
Spark Dragon Prism
Mist Dragon Prism
Mini Golem Prism
Water Golem Prism
Golem Head Prism
Cactuar Prism
Cactrot Prism
Cactuar Johny Prism
Titan Prism
Iron Muscles Prism
Black Mage Prism
Gilgamesh Prism
Master Moogle Prism
Master Cactuar Prism
Master Tonberry Prism
Master Chocochick* Prism
Mecha Chocobo* Prism
Boko Prism
Ifrit* Prism
Ifreeta* Prism
Shiva* Prism
Shivalry* Prism
Ramuh* Prism
Ramewl* Prism
Levihathan* Prism
Bahamut* Prism
Odin* Prism
Diabolos* Prism
Quacho Queen* Prism
Miney Prism
Mo Prism
Princess Goblin Prism
Ultros* Prism
Undead Princess Prism
Kupicaroon Prism
Topaz Carbuncle Prism
Nidhogg Prism
2P Tama Prism
2P Serafie Prism
Rename Prism
Fire Seed
Fira Seed
Firaga Seed
Blizzard Seed
Blizzara Seed
Blizzaga Seed
Thunder Seed
Thundara Seed
Thundaga Seed
Water Seed
Watera Seed
Waterga Seed
Aero Seed
Aerora Seed
Aeroga Seed
Quake Seed
Bio Seed
Drain Seed
Syphon Seed
Death Seed
Meteor Seed
Flare Seed
Holy Seed
Ultima Seed
Cure Seed
Cura Seed
Curaga Seed
Regen Seed
Esuna Seed
Raise Seed
Arise Seed
Protect Seed
Shell Seed
Haste Seed
Slow Seed
Reflect Seed
Dispel Seed
Libra Seed
Berserk Seed
Bravery Seed
Faith Seed
Balance Seed
Balancega Seed
Sleep Seed
Confuse Seed
Banish Seed
Banishra Seed
Abyss Seed
HP+ Seed
HP++ Seed
HP+++ Seed
Strengh+ Seed
Strengh++ Seed
Strengh+++ Seed
Defence+ Seed
Defence++ Seed
Defence+++ Seed
Magic+ Seed
Magic++ Seed
Magic+++ Seed
Magic Defence+ Seed
Magic Defence++ Seed
Magic Defence+++ Seed
Agility+ Seed
Agility++ Seed
Agility+++ Seed
Accuracy+ Seed
Accuracy++ Seed
Accuracy+++ Seed
Evasion+ Seed
Evasion++ Seed
Evasion+++ Seed
Critical+ Seed
Critical++ Seed
Critical+++ Seed
Fire Resistance+ Seed
Fire Resistance++ Seed
Fire Resistance+++ Seed
Ice Resistance+ Seed
Ice Resistance++ Seed
Ice Resistance+++ Seed
Thunder Resistance+ Seed
Thunder Resistance++ Seed
Thunder Resistance+++ Seed
Water Resistance+ Seed
Water Resistance++ Seed
Water Resistance+++ Seed
Wind Resistance+ Seed
Wind Resistance++ Seed
Wind Resistance+++ Seed
Earth Resistance+ Seed
Earth Resistance++ Seed
Earth Resistance+++ Seed
Light Resistance+ Seed
Light Resistance++ Seed
Light Resistance+++ Seed
Dark Resistance+ Seed
Dark Resistance++ Seed
Dark Resistance+++ Seed
All Restance + Seed
Resist Stun Seed
Resist Poison Seed
Resist Sleep Seed
Resist Confusion Seed
Resist Blindness Seed
Resist Oblivion Seed
Resist Berserk Seed
Resist Slow Seed
Resist Strength Down Seed
Resist Defence Down Seed
Resist Magic

How to export the game save data?

Option 1: PSN
Upload save data to online storage, to use this feature, you must subscribe to PlayStation®Plus.
1. Go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data on System Storage and select Upload to Online Storage.
2. Select a game or application.
3. Set a check mark beside each saved data that you wish to upload, or choose to Select All.
4. Select Upload.
5. "Do you want to overwrite this saved data" will display if the file you're uploading was previously uploaded to Online Storage. If this happens, select Yes to replace the version in Online Storage.
6. Offer us your PS4 account, we will download your save data and mod it for you.
Option 2: USB
Copy save data to USB Storage Device, you must be signed in to the PlayStation™Network to use this feature.
1. Connect a USB storage device to the PS4™ system.
2. Go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Copy to USB Storage Device.
3. Select a game or application.
4. Set check marks beside the data you wish to copy or Select All.
5. Select Copy.
6. "Do you want to overwrite this saved data" will display if the file you're copying already exists on the USB storage device. If this happens,select Yes to replace the version in USB storage.
7. Send the save data to us by email, we will mod it for you.
How to use the modded save data?

Download the modded save data to system storage
1. Go to [Settings] > [Application Saved Data Management] > [Saved Data in Online Storage] > [Download to System Storage].
2. Select a game.
3. Set check marks beside the data you wish to download or [Select All].
4. Select [Download].
5. "Do you want to overwrite this saved data?" will display if the file you're downloading already exists in PS4 system storage. If this happens, select [Yes] to replace the version in system storage.
We will send you the modded save data by email, copy it to USB Storage Device and then copy to System Storage
1. Go to [Settings] > [Application Saved Data Management] > [Saved Data on USB Storage] > [Copy to System Storage].
2. Select a game.
3. Set check marks beside the data you wish to copy or [Select All].
4. Select [Copy].
5. "Do you want to overwrite this saved data?" will display if the file you're copying already exists in PS4 system storage. If this happens. select [Yes] to replace the version in system storage.